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The Equity Quest program was initially designed for white teachers.  However the more I fine-tuned the curriculum, I realized that in the beginning of my career as an educator, I had racialized ideologies myself.  So it's not just for white educators, it's for all educators, administrators and staff. 

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Who is Equity Quest for?

Equity Quest is a full immersion professional development designed to enlighten and educate the participants on equity within the classroom.

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What is Equity Quest?

Equity Quest was my brain child founded based on a combination of my experience as a Black child in a predominantly white school district, my twenty-two years as an educator in urban school districts and research I did as a Ph.D. candidate specializing in Critical Race Theory.

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How was Equity Quest Conceived?
What is the Duration of the Program?

Many equity professional development programs are a half or whole school day which barely touches the surface of culturally responsive pedagogy. Equity Quest is a transformation professional development and transformation takes more than a day to achieve.  Equity Quest is based on the five tenets of Critical Race Theory which requires in depth effort, discipline, and commitment.

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Participants can expect to gain a different perspective on biases, deficit thinking, racism and the family dynamic of the Black and Brown community.  Through self-reflection, participants will be able to learn about their own perceptions and misconceptions of their Black and Brown students.

What can I Expect to Gain?

The objective of Equity Quest is to transform deficit thinking and biases into culturally responsive teaching and culturally responsive pedagogical practices.

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What is the Objective of Equity Quest?
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