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Equity Quest Course Overview

EQUITY QUEST blends the key tenets of Critical Race Theory with a unique immersive teaching method. Teachers progress from awareness-to-experience-to-practice and emerge with a broader perspective and skill set for teaching in diverse classroom settings. Click on "Participate in the Program" to learn how we offer the program. We can customize to your needs. The full program is composed of four components: 


Discussions of critical race theory, racial history and dynamics and societal impacts


Immersive, experiential engagements with communities and people of-color


Hear and dialog with voices of communities, families, parents and students of-color


Opportunities to reflect on practices and learn methodologies for building connections



  • Teachers will learn about Critical Race Theory (CRT) -- its origination and how it will serve as the basis for our program.

  • We will also observe and analyze America's racist history and race relations from past-to-present in the context of education. 

  • We will discuss your personal narrative include inviting each teacher to take a racial inventory and critically explore your perspectives on race.

  • We will end with a deep investigation of culturally responsive teaching practices and how to apply the practices in your teaching.


  • Through pairs, small group activities and mentorship, we will provide opportunities for teachers to share and learn from one another.

  • Each teacher will have an EQUITY QUEST peer who can serve both an accountability partner as you go into the new school year and as a confidante for sharing the challenges and successes you are experiencing.

  • In addition, each teacher will engage 1-1 with Christiana for mentorship sessions to provide the personalized, customized experience necessary to evolve your practice.



  • As you prepare for and enter the new school year -- whether in-person or online -- we will partner with you to define opportunities for you to demonstrate the application of what you have learned in EQUITY QUEST. 



  • Teaching with Equity at the Center

  • Exploring Underserved Communities

  • Understanding Counter Narratives

  • Recognizing White Privilege

  • Dialogs with Parents of Color

  • Teachers as Researchers

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

  • Awareness of Perceptions

  • Intra-cultural Interaction

  • Understanding Families of Color

  • Cultural Dynamics

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